So, what is Kloudista? 

Kloudista is the leading on demand, luxurious hookah concierge service in the greater LA area. We bring the upscale hookah entertainment to you. From your birthday party in the hills, to that awesome fashion launch party in Hollywood, we go where you are.

Kloudista makes hookah easy for you. We bring our state of the art hookahs to you, set them up beautifully for your event, and pack and mix the bowls with delicious high quality flavors. Our classy and knowledgeable hosts will attend your party from start to finish, educate your guests on hookah culture and make sure that each hookah has a smooth pull and is smoking hot! Literally.

Whether you have have an indoor or outdoor event, we will ensure that your experience is top notch and unforgettable. Oh, and we we will also clean up afterwards. Zero hassle, just a superb, full service hookah experience like none you ever had before.